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    Beijing Airlines Beijing

    No.11 Banbidian

    • Convenience store 5 hotels

      Straight-line distance is about 763 meters

      2Shunqiang Store

      Straight-line distance is about 874 meters

      3Shunxing Cherry Store

      Straight-line distance is about 888 meters


      Straight-line distance is about 892 meters


      Straight-line distance is about 921 meters

    • Nightclub 1 hotels
      1Mango Huishishang Theme Self-help KTV

      Straight-line distance is about 195 meters

    • Car rental store 1 hotels
      1AVIS Car Rental

      Straight-line distance is about 146 meters

    • Restaurant 5 hotels
      1Yayuan Restaurant

      Straight-line distance is about 178 meters

      2Lu Weiba Dawan

      Straight-line distance is about 182 meters

      3Beijing Guomen Guanghui Restaurant

      Straight-line distance is about 185 meters

      4Mazu Seafood Restaurant

      Straight-line distance is about 206 meters


      Straight-line distance is about 225 meters

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    · Address:No.11 Banbidian
    · Hotel Description:
    SITUATION: Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 3 It is close to. ROOM: All the rooms have a television, a bathroom and an air-conditioning system.
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    • Car Rental
    Haoqiao.com provides Beijing Airlines Beijing(Beijing Airlines Beijing) booking price information, including: Beijing Airlines Beijing telephone, address, traffic, map, surrounding attraction, and {hotel names}, features, comments and others that you may be interested in, and provide more convenient services for your business and trip.
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