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      Weekender Resort

      124/19 Moo 3 ,Koh Samui, Thailand

      • Spa 2 hotels
        1P&S Thai Traditional Massage

        Straight-line distance is about 89 meters

        2The Spa Resort Co.,Ltd.

        Straight-line distance is about 659 meters

      • Convenience store 1 hotels
        1บู๊ทส์ สมุย6

        Straight-line distance is about 433 meters

      • Nightclub 1 hotels
        1Star Karaoke

        Straight-line distance is about 645 meters

      • Restaurant 5 hotels
        1Kung Yai Restaurant

        Straight-line distance is about 142 meters

        2Triple taste restaurant cafe and bar

        Straight-line distance is about 153 meters

        3Samui Hot Club

        Straight-line distance is about 195 meters


        Straight-line distance is about 206 meters

        5Barrio Latino

        Straight-line distance is about 265 meters

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      · Address:124/19 Moo 3 ,Koh Samui, Thailand
      · Hotel Description:
      Stay in the Heart of Lamai Beach Be warmly welcomed by the friendly staff and stunning views of Weekender Resort, which offers comfortably furnished rooms and easy access to the entertainment. The resort is located in the centre of the Lamai Beach area. It is 15 km from Samui Airport. Equipped with all the necessary amenities, rooms are furnished with air conditioning, en-suite bathroom with shower and bathtub, as well as free bottled water daily. Soak up the sun while lounging around the swimming pool, or enjoy the view of the sea while taking a refreshing dip. To soothe your muscles, indulge in a traditional Thai massage while the calming sea breeze relaxes you. After working up an appetite, head over to Weekender Resort's stylish on-site restaurant. Overlooking the beach, it serves fresh seafood, as well as a delicious selection of Thai and Western food.
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      • Child care
      • Free WiFi
      • Free parking lot
      • English service
      • Fax/Photocopying
      • Massage
      • Car Rental
      • Bar
      • Fishing
      • ATM
      • Garden
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